A Discord bot offering powerful moderation for your server!

Why choose this bot?

This bot includes some of the most common features as well as some noteworthy features in the next section.
  • warn, kick, ban, timeban, mute, timemute moderation commands
  • Custom prefixes
  • Reminders
  • Multiple mod log formats
  • Customizable AutoMod
  • Mod logs that also work with Discord's Audit Log
  • Multiple mod log channels, allowing for public mod logs as well as private mod logs

No premium or vote locked features!

At this time, there are no premium or vote locked features on the bot.
If you enjoy the bot, consider donating on Ko-Fi so I can keep the bot free!

Open Source!

Lightning is fully open source and you can see all the internals at

Convinced yet?

If you need any support with using the bot, stop by the Discord server!
Last modified 7mo ago