A general quick start guide to using Lightning for moderation.

This guide uses . as a prefix. Replace this with a prefix you setup Lightning with.

Moderation Commands

Warns, Kicks, Bans, Unbans

.kick @NewUser#5005 be nice
.warn @NewUser#5005 rule #4
.ban @NewUser#5005 cursing the roo with bad art
.unban @PreviouslyBannedUser#0004 appealed

Removing messages

.purge 25

Additional subcommands exist for further options. See .help purge for an up-to-date list.

Mutes & Unmutes

.mute @NewUser#5005 permanent mute until you behave
.unmute @NewUser#5005

These commands require a mute role to be setup.

Temporary Bans & Mutes

Timed mutes and timed bans can also be done through the bot.

These commands will do the inverse of their action (unban/unmute) after a certain period of time has passed.

.tempmute @WumpusPartay#4001 1d wumpus sticker spam
.tempban @Wumpus#7512 1d not following the wumpusparty emoji chain
.tempban @Wumpu$#3212 "2 weeks" bad behavior


Infractions are created when a moderation action has happened. If your server has a modlog channel setup, those IDs will be displayed in the log message.

You can also find the server's infraction list by running .inf list.

Claiming an infraction

.inf claim 5

Editing an infraction's reason

.inf edit 5 User was spamming stickers and emojis

Transferring infractions to a user's new account

.inf transfer @OldUser#0010 @NewUser#5005

Listing infractions

.inf list is the base command and will display all infractions in the server.

If you want specific infractions that were done to a user, use .inf list [member].

If you want to view a specific infraction, use .inf view <id>

.inf list @NewUser#5005

Listing specific infraction types

If you want to view specific infraction types, use .inf list [action]

You can also filter this by a member too! .inf list [member] [action]

Valid actions are:

  • Warn

  • Kick

  • Mute

  • Ban

  • Timeban

  • Unban

  • Unmute

  • Timemute

  • Timeout

  • Untimeout

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