AutoMod Configuration

Lightning's AutoMod can be setup via message or slash commands!

Run .help automod to start!

Advanced AutoMod

These rules are considered advanced because you can set the interval for them.
Advanced AutoMod rules can be located below.
Controls how many messages a user can send in the server during seconds
Controls how many mentions can be sent in seconds
Controls how many links can be sent in seconds
Controls how many Discord invites can be sent in seconds
Controls how many messages containing the same content can be sent during seconds

Basic AutoMod

Basic AutoMod rules are rules that only do one action and cannot be customized!
Dehoists server members if they have any characters in their name that are used for hoisting
Normalizes a member's display name

Setting up an AutoMod rule

Example usage
  • automod rules add
If you're wanting to set up a Basic AutoMod rule, you'll need to use automod rules addbasic instead!

Removing an AutoMod rule

Example usage
  • automod rules remove

AutoMod Ignores

Setting up AutoMod ignores

  • automod ignore
You can add roles, members, and channels to the ignored list.
If you add a channel to the ignored list, AutoMod will ignore all messages in that channel.

Removing an ignore

  • automod unignore
If you don't know what is currently ignored, use automod ignored

Who is ignored by AutoMod?

The following are checked in the following order to determine if you are ignored from AutoMod:
  • You have a higher role than the bot does.
  • You are exempt from AutoMod by permission level configuration
    • Either you're specifically added to a permission level or have a role that is Trusted or higher
  • You are exempt from AutoMod by AutoMod Default Ignores