Message Report Configuration

Lightning includes a powerful, easy-to-use message reporting system.

Set Up

Type @Lightning reportsetup.

Click or tap the Set report channel button. Then, select the channel you want reports sent to.

This channel should be accessible only to your server's moderators and admins.

Once you finished, your server's members will now be able to report suspicious or rule breaking messages.

How to report messages

Right-click on a message, hover over Apps, and click Report Message.

Once you get a confirmation, the message will show up in your configured reports channel.

Included below is an example of how to report messages.

Message Report Dashboard

When a member reports a message, a new message will appear in your configured reports channel. This will allow your moderators to decide what to do with the message.

Here's a quick breakdown of all the buttons you will see.


This button will allow you to set some sort of punishment for the reported message author.

View Reporters

This button will allow you see who reported the message and their reasoning for reporting it.


This button will allow you to dismiss the report. You can re-open it again if you accidentally dismissed it.

View Reported Message

This button will show you where exactly the message was and its full contents.

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