ModLog Configuration

Lightning's mod logging supports multiple modlog channels with any number of events. This allows to customize your server's mod logs any way you want!
To start setting up the modlog, use the modlog command. Use the reference below if you are confused about anything.


Lightning's modlog currently supports the following events:
Audit Log Integration
Logs when the warn command is used.
Not Applicable
Logs when a member is kicked.
Logs when a member is banned.
Logs when the mute or timemute command is used.
Not Applicable
Logs when the unmute command is used.
Not Applicable
Logs when a user is unbanned.
Member Join
Logs when a member joins a server.
Not Applicable
Member Leave
Logs when a member leaves a server.
Not Applicable
Member Role Add
Logs when roles are added to a member
Member Role Remove
Logs when roles are removed from a member
Member Nick Change
Logs when a nickname is added/changed/removed from a member
Infraction Update
Logs when either the reason or moderator is updated for an infraction
Not Applicable

Logging Formats

Lightning includes 4 formats in which you can receive logs.
Minimalistic with Timestamp (default)
Minimalistic without Timestamp
A simple, minimal format.
Example Image
Same as minimalistic except it doesn't include a timestamp.
Example Image
An embedded format aiming to be simple and without useless clutter.
Example Image
A format based on an emoji style of logging.
Example Image
To configure the format, use .modlog and follow the prompts.